You know her as one of the top social media model/influencer for her millions of likes and undeniable photos. Now meet Iulia Valentina, the beauty entrepreneur.

“I certainly know that it helped me financially,” Valentina remembers. “I saved all of the money I earned from modeling and advertising and invested it in Glitz Fashion. Social media is really a great business and marketing place.”

Iulia Valentina amassed a legion of followers with gorgeous and curvy swimwear and lifestyle photos. Turning her aspirations in front of the camera to a paid endorser for various beauty products. After making others rich, she decided to turn her own name into a lucrative revenue. Introducing Glitz Fashion and IVO Comestics.

Below, you can admire Iulia Valentina’s modeling legacy.

“I started with about 2000 followers two years ago. I started to notice when I would post certain types of pictures I would gain lots of likes and followers. I decided to continue with posting these types of pictures until I reached about 20k followers. I wanted to build an aesthetic with my page, not just pictures around the house and mirror selfies. When I got to about 50k, I started to focus more on quality nature and lifestyle pictures and that is when I started to go viral. I was gaining about 100k followers a week at this point, and this is when companies started to reach out to me for paid opportunities.“

Like Iulia, her Glitz Fashion brand’s representation precedes itself.

Launched in 2019, Glitz Fashion is a boutique powerhouse that features a variety of form-fitting appeal including swimwear, dresses and winter garments. Valentina-herself identifies the new appeal as empowerment and sophistication for women. Fancy, the comfortable and desirable silhouette closet supplies an appreciated 18-to-30 demographic. Adapting her trials and errors of marketing as a self-made influencer with her creative looks and systematically advertising approach, Glitz Fashion is promised to be one of the most inspired fashion brands of the future.

Valentina’s fashion line spawns from a less fortunate childhood which opened up creativity as she was forced to become resilient and resourceful with unknowns. “I was born and raised in Romania, so I didn’t have a lot growing up,” she reveals on the brand’s origin. “It was hard to get trendy clothes everyone else had, so I started to make my own. I started to cut up old clothes and make new things that I thought were different and cool. That’s when I knew I wanted to have my own fashion brand one day.”

Glitz Fashion was birthed and nourished by Iulia’s social media endorsement. “I certainly know that it helped me financially,” she clears. “I saved all of the money I earned from modeling and advertising and invested it in Glitz Fashion. Social media is really a great business and marketing place.”

Glitz is supported by a popular eyelash-driven beauty collection called IVO Cosmetics. IVO Cosmetics is a unique high-end designer brand that specializes in long-lasting innovative eyelashes for every eye shape and size. The eyelashes are 100% hand made to the highest standard in our lab approved facility. A popular following, unique branding and affordable products, Valentina’s brand is destined to be the hottest new brand for years to come.

For the rest of 2020, Valentina is focused on the full potential of her brand’s Glitz Fashion and IVO Comestics. “I have recently launched a beauty brand I plan to expand this year. I want to release more items first and prepare for it. Hopefully, in 2020 you will see us in stores.”

She continues, “I wanted to create something that women will feel comfortable in and will last them a long time. I know that if I buy something, I want it to last. I try to give my customers the services I would like to receive.”

Socially, for everything Iulia Valentina, follow her journey on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Purchase official Glitz Fashion and IVO Cosmetics today on the official website. Items ranging from $30-50 with a 50% Cyber special currently underway.

From her YouTube channel, watch Iulia Valetina introduces herself to the world below.


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