Burbank, California

Iconic adult media platform is currently search for gorgeous female models for implied eye candy show.

Desired Type: Glamour, Runway, Adult, Fitness



[Must be 21 and over] This is not porn, you will not be asked to perform sexual acts. Iconic Playboy TV are now searching for a beautiful woman to host for new show along with several beautiful female implied models for our latest eye candy show for Playboy TV entitled “Car Wash!” Model must be between the ages of 20-35-year-old to submit. All ethnicities accepted, tattoos accepted, no height requirement, must be comfortable in front of a camera nude/implied. Curvy or Voluptuous and experience is a plus. The host does not have to be implied/nude during filming. Host/models must be fit, witty, fun, and be able to engage in banter on camera. Also, someone who is genuinely able to talk about cars would be a huge plus. The show’s concept described as each episode begins with our sexy host, a classic Playboy bombshell that knows just as much about her motors as she does about the bunny. As the show host, she introduces our audience to the luxury cars that will be getting cleaned and the four beautiful women that will the designated washers. The host will also be coupled with footage of the cars, and sizzle reels for the girls we’re about to see. She’ll end her speech every episode with some kind of catchphrase, “Let’s get wet!” “Let’s make some suds!” etc. Host model must be very cheeky and fun. Submitting models must be available to appear in-person at casting call between August 1st thru August 3rd. Selected Model(s) must be available to be on set on the week of August 14th for full day production in Playboy Studio in Burbank, California. Selected Model(s) will be compensated between $300 to 600 for involvement in production and full day shoot. The selected host will be compensated $600 while participating models will be compensated $300. Selected Model(s) will be compensated for production by Casting Director at the end of shooting. Models must be professional, cooperative, appealing, reliable, and confident. Interested in opportunity, submit portfolio or 5 full body photos with the following information and the subject title, “Playboy TV: Car Wash” to the email address below:

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*Always make sure to mention in the subject title you are an exclusive Model Fair member for a fast pass view during casting process and other special treatment. Warning: Casting Directors will contact us to follow up on your membership, if you falsify membership, you will be excluded/dismiss from casting among other consequences.

Submission Deadline: August 1st, 2017

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