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[Must be 18 and over] The Top Model of the World US organization is proud to be the National Directors for the USA and Cuba International competitions. In search of 2018 Top Model of the World US, casting directors are looking for females from all 50 states and the surrounding Coral Gables, Florida area to compete. All ethnicities accepted, must be a minimum of 5’6″ and between the ages of 17-25 year-old. Pageant experience is a plus but not necessary to compete. Must be swimwear ready and fit. Submitting models must be available of in-person casting call on August 3rd from 2pm to 6pm inside Nuvia Q Studios in Coral Gables, Florida. Wardrobe will be provided during competition. Selected models will endure a interview portion and runway portion of the competition. Models can be represented by a local state organization or submit an independent application. All applicants must comply with the Top Model of the World US organization’s requirements. Winning model will be awarded $10,000, prizes, and the title of USA’s Top Model of the World 2018. Models must be professional, cooperative, appealing, reliable, and confident. Interested in opportunity, submit portfolio or 5 full body photos with the following information and the subject title, “Top Model of the World US” to the email address below:

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*Always make sure to mention in the subject title you are an exclusive Model Fair member for a fast pass view during casting process and other special treatment. Warning: Casting Directors will contact us to follow up on your membership, if you falsify membership, you will be excluded/dismiss from casting among other consequences.

Submission Deadline: August 3rd, 2017

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