Thrasher Magazine is an institution for the skateboard culture. The iconic publication has stood the test of time and featured all of the biggest and most influential skateboards to ever kick, push. It appears that the skateboard entertainment publication is not only evolving the rams but the overseas modeling culture as well as the brand’s vintage signature tees have become the latest daily trend streetwear for popular models.


At the forefront of this uprising is popular models Next’s Cristina Herrmann, The Society’s Molly Bair, New York Model’s Sarah Brannon, Binx Walton and IMG’s Lexi Boling. The vintage tee has become a rising staple in the model-off-duty wardrobe of any catwalker worth her Instagram following. Believed the piece comes with a certain skater reputation that’s synonymous with a youthfully rebellious distaste for authority and a vintage appeal.


Vogue originally reported the awareness of the popular skateboard publication’s brand new influence to the modeling culture. Journalist Liana Satenstein pen a style piece speaking on the overseas fascination with the legendary Skateboard publication’s vintage tees (See: How Did the Thrasher Tee Become Every Cool Model’s Go To).

Thrasher is currently followed by 1.9 million followers via instagram.

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