It is the most prestigious award event in the world of MMA. The World MMA Awards are awards presented by Fighters Only magazine to honor exceptional performance in various aspects of Mixed martial arts. Winners are presented with the Fighters Only silver statuette. The World MMA Awards are divided into over twenty categories. The first World MMA Awards ceremony was held in 2008. From their inception to the present, award winners have been chosen through online fan voting. The Ringcard of the Year is one of the most popular awards of the night.

This year’s five nominees include four regular UFC familiars Brittney Palmer, Arianny Celeste, Carly Baker, Jenny Andrade, and newfound face Bellator’s Mercedes Terrell. Arianna is the most-winning recipient of this honor as a 6x winner.

The nominated category has birthed a competitive rivalry among the UFC/Bellator affiliates models over the years with majority of this year’s nominees being multi-nominated. The category has pit close friends and fan-favorites past winners Brittney Palmer and Arianna Celeste against each other annual since the original ceremony. UFC’s Palmer, Baker, Celeste, and Andrade were nominated last year whom are making they’re return to the category. Bellator’s Mercedes Terrell replaces 2015 nominee Jade Bryce as the new face to the Ringcard Girl of the Year category.

Celeste was last year’s winner after a consecutive two-year-long honor by Brittney Palmer. In the eight-year history of the World MMA Awards, Arianna Celeste is the only consecutive winner in the Ringcard Girl of the Year category. Dominating an impressive four times in a row from 2008 to 2011. Celeste to win in this year’s awards will advance her trophy case to seven wins. The 30-year-old Las Vegas native’s career includes covers of top men’s entertainment publications Playboy, Maxim, and FHM.

While all of the elected models have print credit, none of the nominees have been aligned with an agency to date. All have been featured in the award show’s main contributor, Fighters Only in 2015.

The World MMA Awards 2016 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada inside the Venetian February 5th 2016. Voting for your favorite Ringcard Girl is still available now online here.


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