A woman stumbling into modeling and becoming an overnight sensation is not an uncommon tale in this business; however, it is a story that never get olds. Meet the latest addition to that ageless category Monica Johnson, pseudonym known as SadityBad1, the fresh emerald-eyed beauty introduced by recording artist Billionaire Buck in his latest visual presentation, “Come Get This Love” as the leading lady. Ideally selected by the artist himself, SadityBad1 is turning heads and gaining much talk on social network about her unforgettable smoking hot presence in the video.

SadityBad1 co-stars as the recognizable love interest as the two are the only cast in the visual. Attention stealing is the new faces leaving nothing to the imagination revealing red lingerie wardrobe that is the sole article of clothing draped over her naturally curved features worn by her the entire video. Along with the sexy attire, Sadity exhibits a stellar on-screen passion with her co-star that is organically genuine and amplifies the realism of the video. Throughout the video, both stars share a bedroom scene, chair dance, and hypnotizing walkthrough the cabin that will have viewers ready to plan they’re own getaway with a beauty of similar taste if SadityBad1 fantasy is far from their reach. She delivers a performance so seductively one-sided, you forget the male co-star is completely in the video once she opens the cabin door. SadityBad1’s unexpected appeal is similar jump star to success like past successful breakout models Amber Rose, Melissa Ford, and Kat Graham.

Originally scheduled to release the video on February 14th, missing the mark, “Come Get This Love” officially released on YouTube the end of February. Back in mid-January, Johnson released previews of her love scene on her Instagram account. The preview included the fresh face showing off her seductive red ensemble wrapped around her voluptuous frame.

“Come Get This Love” was shot on location in fresh powder of Big Bear, California behind the lens of frequent Billionaire Buck director Jeff “Echosworld” Reyes. While Reyes ran the point, SadityBad1 showcased she was a natural in front of the lens. On a first try, she stunned in her debut revealing and sensual on screen performance yet. Proving she is a natural for the industry. After watching, fans will instantly be looking for more information on this newcomer set to impact glamour modeling.

Here’s what we know about SadityBad1 so far. She is of African American and German-descent and had aspirations for modeling for several years now. Much like most models, her encouragement to break into modeling comes from constant request for glamour work from unknown tastemakers and her popular reactions on instagram. While never been signed to an agency as an adolescent to adulthood. She is currently unsigned with an agency; however, appears to have a very promising beauty and glamour career and not a one-off effort.

SadityBad1 will make her debut hosting appearance this coming Friday, March 4th 2016 inside Los Angeles premiere nightclub Cosmo.


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