The iconic men’s magazine Playboy says it is planning to drop fully nude female photography from its pages. In a letter to readers, the magazine predicted that everyone would be asking why, so it answered, “Playboy has been a friend to nudity, and nudity has been a friend to Playboy, for decades. The short answer is: times change.” Like so many other magazines, Playboy is reacting to the Internet revolution. In Playboy’s case, it is about the ubiquity of online pornography. CNN released a interview featuring several Playboy officials discussing the new strategy and the new direction of the brand.

Created by Hugh Hefner. First published in 1953, the American men’s magazine became an international hit thanks to its racy pictorials, which has featured a wide variety of the most iconic models over the years including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, and Elle Macpherson. Playboy did over a billion dollars last year. Supermodel Kate Moss was featured on the 60th anniversary celebration of the publication.


Pamela Anderson holds the record for the model with the most Playboy cover appearances as she has made the cover 13 times in her career. The only model to come close to the reigning blonde bombshell despite having never actually posed for Playboy itself, Marilyn Monroe appeared on seven covers between the first Playboy issue ever in 1953 and her last cover in 2005. Only two of Monroe’s covers occurred before her death in 1962. Pamela’s last made the cover back January 2011

Back in May, the longest-running publication launched a safe-for-work app, as part of its ongoing digital makeover titled, Playboy Now (see: Playboy is now Safe-For-Work). 29 year-old Dani Mathers is Playboy’s current Playmate of the Year. The current issue of Playboy stars Australia’s Next Top Model winner Simone Holtznagel. Holtznagel is represented by Elite and the brand new Guess girl.


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