Former Ford Models Amber Rose has been very vocal on the stance against women’s rights to dress as they desire in public after an incident in Toronto, Ontario. Where police suggested that some women incite rape by dressing sexually suggestive in public and ask them to dress in a conservative apparently to stir away rapist. This created Amber Rose involvement in the now trending SlutWalk protest. Early October, Rose held a protest rally in Downtown, Los Angeles that brought out thousands of protesters to support the gender inequality issue.

Amber Rose takes the stage as she hosts SlutWalk 2015 in Downtown Los Angeles, Ca

When Amber Rose spoke to a crowd of supporters during SlutWalk, she opened up about two famous rappers who have publicly shamed her in the past. Rose dated recording artist Kanye West shortly after being discovered in 2008. Meeting West when the “Gold Digger” hitmaker sought her out for the lead in his music video. Qucikly following the Kanye breakup, Rose began a relationship with Wiz Khalifa that blossomed into the two tieing the knot and having one and Rose’s only child together.

Amber recently linked with Funny or Die for a special hilarious sketch Walk of No Shame to promote awareness for the women’s protest that gained a lot of attention. Rose now takes to the streets, as you can see here in Los Angeles, with empowering protest signs filled with encourage messages like this #strippershavefeelingstoo.

In recent news, Amber Rose recently appeared in a comedy sketch with Amy Schumer. The 31 year-old recently release a book entitled How to be a Bad Bitch and is fresh off a book signing tour. Rose is currently signed with Nick Cannon Ncredible management; however, is not aligned with any modeling agency since her departure from Ford in 2010.

See Rose’s speech in entirety below:


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