According to a study done by Millward Brown and advertising conglomerate WPP, the world’s top luxury brands include exactly the brands you’d expect. However, the ranking has crowned Louis Vuitton as the world’s most valuable luxury brand, clocking in an estimate worth of $24.7 billion. A brand’s value is calculated by quantitative measures such as its corporate earnings and potential for future earnings, as well as qualitative factors such as meaningfulness, distinctiveness and salience to the consumer’s purchasing attitude. Trailing behind LVMH’s flagship brand is Hermès ($19 Billion), Gucci ($13 Billion), Chanel ($9 Billion),Rolex ($8.5 Billion) and Cartier ($7.6 Billion). However, perhaps more telling would be the mobility of the brands from last year’s list. Only Louis Vuitton and Chanel managed to increase in value, with 6 and 15 percent respectively. Prada saw the biggest drop with -35 percent, seeing a decrease in ranking from fourth to seventh.
1. Louis Vuitton ($24.7 billion USD)
2. Hermès ($19 Billion USD)
3. Gucci ($13 Billion USD)
4. Chanel ($9 Billion USD)
5. Rolex ($8.5 Billion USD)
6. Cartier ($7.6 Billion USD)
7. Prada ($6.5 Billion USD)
8. Burberry ($5.7 Billion USD)
9. Michael Kors ($3.8 Billion USD)
10. Tiffany & Co. ($3.2 Billion USD)


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