Social media outlet Instagram is the most important, valuable, and profitable marketing tool today in the modeling industry. Instagram and Vine continuously turns out countless variety of models throughout the world daily, and generated billions of tax-free dollars. These social media outlets have inspired up and coming aspiring models to drive into the modeling industry with the ability to profit through untraditional channels. The trick is simple, promoting themselves and watch the followers gravitate to them.

Popular Iran glamour model Uldouz Wallace is a product of success with the use of Instagram. Known for her sense of humor along with her gorgeous appeal, the current Boo Tea spokesmodel directs and stars in a hilarious comedic sketch describing how to gain a large following yourself on Instagram. Wallace is no stranger to sketch comedy, in the past co-starring in various webisode comedy for familiar Vine comedians Simon Rex, Tim Delaghetto, C-Lo, and Melvin Gregg. Shot by Wallace in Los Angeles, California, she released the jokingly playful sketch on May 16th.

Prominently discovered by majority of fans via instagram since the fruition of the social media to phenomenon stature. The 33 year-old was discovered while residing in Vancouver, Canada. Wallace resume includes spokesmodels for the Brazilian Brahma Beer, Coca Colas Tab Energy Drink; she also had many modeling appearances in various magazines. Uldouz also worked as a ring girl at MMA and Boxing fights. Wallace currently has over 1.3 million followers on instagram at press time.

Wallace has previously appeared between the pages of popular men’s publications Lowerider (2011), Show Magazine and most recently Mixed Magazine. In recent news, Wallace stars in an upcoming cooking sketch co-starring DJ Paul for Complex.


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