Indie recording artist Kyd Ayo sent out a search for the hottest new leading lady to co-star in his debut visual, “You the One”, and definitely found that in hot new up-and-coming Chicago native Abigail Solis. In the intimate two person visual, Abby provide a racy, tasteful, seductive approach to the music video that catches attention instantly as you hit the play. Solis steals the scene as she hypnotizes the leading man with her amazing two outfit ensemble styled by herself between takes.

The 24 year-old Spanish-descent Alternative/Glamour model’s impressive early resume includes previous music video cameo work with several of music’s biggest names. Snoop Dogg, Bun B, and fellow Chicago native GLC to name a few.
Shot (You the One) on location in Bakersfield, California through the lens of established director Ryanupe. Solis and Ayo’s chemistry throughout the video is appealing, intimate, and modern-day romantic. She delivers her most revealing and sensual on scene performance yet. Certainly shows a bright future for this Windy City beauty.

“You the One” was released on March 27th, Prior to shooting with Kyd Ayo, Solis was featured in a previous music video back in Chicago with the city’s very own Bowlking latest visual presentation, “Street Platinum.” Shortly after the video (Street Platinum) was released, Solis relocated to Bakersfield and quickly became a most-sought after model throughout the city.

Began modeling professionally at 21 year-old. Solis, currently unaligned with an agency, recently shot a series of editorials with photographers Brian Flynn, Michael Santana, and Angel Varela. In other Solis related news, Abby recently hit the road with the G Gurls on the G Gurls tour that kicked off back in March. Solis was involved with the West Coast leg of the tour as one of the featured promo models. Solis is also set to star in the new Don Choo and Young Cerda music video, “The Hangover” directed by Alex Acosta in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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