For several months now, Wilhelmina popular model Iggy Azalea has been releasing previews of her upcoming Spring/Summer collection with high-profile shoe designer Steve Madden. While it appeared for months now that the collaboration as the new face of Steve Madden would be a huge success. It looks like Iggy and Steve are having a conflict of interest among the two at the kick off of the collections release.

The Australian model collaborated with Madden on his Spring/Summer collection of footwear, but became infuriated when she saw the images she hadn’t selected for the campaign surface on social media. The following campaign photos below surfaced originally on the Steve Madden Tumblr page last week. The 24 year-old mentioned she was not consulted nor approved the release of the photos upon surface.






It was first announced that Iggy would be collaborating with Madden back in late-August 2014. Azalea showcased a couple teasers of the Spring collaboration via instagram last October. The photos from the campaign were released to the public originally January 29th.

The upset Australian model quickly addressed her frustration with the fashion brand in a series of rant tweets of the displeasure with being unaware of the several unapproved campaign photos released on tumblr. Azalea tweeted the following:


Shortly after the original tweets, Iggy also wanted to clarify that she is not angry at the designer, this time heading to Instagram to explain the reasons for her outburst.

“What I had a ‘rant’ about on Twitter isn’t in regards to these pictures, it was about another, different set of images I wasn’t a part of creating that I felt weren’t reflective of my vision and direction for the collection,” she captioned a collage of the approved promo images. “I’m an artist and I’m extremely passionate and emotional and crazy sometimes because I care ALOoOoot about this sh-t! I love Steve and he gets it!”

Steve Madden CEO issued a statement after Azalea’s apology, stating:
“This was a lover’s quarrel. We love Iggy and are very excited about our collaboration. When you get two artists working together sometimes there are fireworks. It’s our creative differences that allow us to design an incredible collection and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world!”

Since the apologies, Azalea has began promoting her new Steve Madden collection and deleted the frustrated tweets while Madden password-protected their Tumblr account.

Azalea’s Wilhelmina reps haven’t commented on the current situation between their client and Steve Madden. This is the third major campaign for the Australian model under Wilhelmina. Azalea aligned with the Wilhelmina roster back in June 2012 and has since been the face of Levi, Revolve, and most recently Forever 21. Iggy also just wrapped the second season of the revived MTV series, House of Style.

The Iggy Azalea Collection is available now at Steve Madden.


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