Lately, a lot of today’s most popular models have been in the spotlight for their past before the fame work stepping out of the dark and into the light. Iggy Azalea (See: Iggy’s 2008 Debut Modeling Photos Surface”), Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, and latest in the series of events, model Amber Rose.

The Philadelphia model has built a career starring as lead in music visuals for many popular recording artist. Well it would appear that not all of Rose’s leading roles saw the light of day. A video clip surfaced on popular social network Instagram of what looks to be an unreleased video from recording artist Kanye West, starring Amber Rose in a Barbie-resembled body plastic body suit. The clip was posted by CG modeler Shihan Barbee and appears to be from the unreleased visual for West’s 2008 record “Robocop” in promotion of his 08′ release, ‘808 & Heartbreaks’. The 15 second clip shows various angles of Rose in the bodysuit and parading around roboticly, while Kanye looked on awkwardly. Fans reaction to the clip has mostly been preceived as “creepy” and other negative compliments. Below, you can view the Barbee video post of Rose as a “Naked Doll”.

Shot in Los Angeles back in 2008 by Legendary music video director Hype Williams. Amber Rose was hand-selected by Kanye West as the lead after West seen Amber Rose’s visual debut in fellow recording artist Ludacris 2008 music video “What Them Girls Like”. Rose’s video catalog led to many editorial spreads in popular men publications like Smooth, King, Inked, and Complex.

It’s being reported that this visual shoot was the first meet between Amber Rose (30) and soon-after long-term boyfriend of two years. Since West and Rose broke it off, Rose has wed and birthed a child with husband recording artist Wiz Khalifa. No other information behind the release of this clip or if the actual visual will ever see the light of day. Neither Rose or West have commented on the clip publicly.

This news comes at a very busy time for the former Wilhelmina represented model. Rose is coming off a starring role in the new Nick Cannon film; ‘School Dance’ and further building her film resume as she is cast as a support casting in the upcoming new fall ABC series “Selfies”.

Amber Rose was last spotted on the cover of the April issue of Unleash’d earlier this year.


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