Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Erin Heatherton is featured on the cover of South Florida’s number one fashion magazine, Ocean Drive for this month and it couldn’t be better timing with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim coming up. Starting the week of July 17th — one of the largest swimwear events in the world will come to Miami where designers, photographers and models from all over will showcase their latest designs.

In an interview with CBS Miami, regarding the cover of Ocean Drive, Heatherton says, “It’s such an honor to be on the cover…it’s an honor and a blessing with this wonderful crew.” Photographed by Randall Slavin, he explains that her modeling techniques make it easy for him to get his shots. In her interview with Jared Shapiro from Ocean Drvie, Heatherton’s humbled self shines through as she explains how she knows she isn’t perfect. “I never identified with the way I look; I was just born this way…There are good shots, and there are bad shots, but it’s just like playing a character. If you think of the top five people that you care about the most in your life, you probably don’t care if they look good in every angle or photo.”  From the runway of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows to the cover of Elle magazine shoots, this 25-year-old is on a role and has just given us a preview of what to expect for this year’s MBFW Swim.

Heatherton is currently represented by Marilyn Agency.










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