She created one of the most well-known agencies in the world and shaped the modeling industry we know today, Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Models passed away at the age of 92 on Wednesday. According to Ford’s spokeswoman, already suffering from a brain tumor and osteoporosis, Ford took a fall last week at her apartment which contributed to her decline in health.

Created by Ford and her husband in 1947, Ford Models not only became the leading agency in modeling expectations for designers and photographers all over, but they also became the top modeling agency in the world. Known for taking girls under her wing and morphing them into modeling beauties, Ford was also had a reputation for her cut-throat and honest demeanor towards models trying to make it.

We have Ford Models to thank for the long list of talented stunners that have contributed to the fashion industry today and all the years since it’s inception. Just to give you an idea of how influential their models have been, the list includes top models: Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Elle Macpherson and more. With $1 million worth of modeling contracts, Ford set the pace for modeling agencies across the board.

Associated Press said, “Ford was known for her steely manner and great eye for talent. She demanded the highest level of professionalism from her models, putting them on strict diets and firing those with a taste for late-night revelry. Her discipline pushed Ford Model Agency to the top of its field, making multimillionaires of both Ford and her late husband, Jerry, who handled the company’s business affairs.”

Read the full New York Times biography here.


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