Victoria Secret model, Karlie Kloss looks sleek in a bold contemporary fashion spread for Vogue July 2014.

The upcoming feature, “Razor’s Edge” shows off her ability to create elongated compositions with photographer David Sims. Together they have created a contrast of lifestyle photographs that have a vintage feel with extremely modern fashion pieces. The two have worked together numerous of times and most recently in the March 2o14 Vogue Paris issue .

Wearing geometric prints, cutouts and a blunt color palette, Kloss’ action poses are as sharp as her apparel.

The 6’1″ model first appeared in the September 2008 Vogue issue with the short headline “I, Karlie”.

She is known for her “deadly stare” and it certainly comes through the camera in this stark set.

The lengthy model who is currently represented by IMG Models released the photographs on their Tumblr page.

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