Next Models Rita Ora has been a magnet for headlines lately, WWD broke the news that the Kosovar-Albanian beauty signed an impressive three-season deal with Addias for the brand’s Original series. Ora (23) commented on the new deal and how it came together:

“The collaboration came about through mutual love and appreciation. I have always been a fan of adidas Originals and respect what they stand for in their fearlessness and originality. I worked very closely with adidas Originals to put a personal touch in every piece with connections to my music, my career and my life. I’m really proud of the collection and beyond excited for my fans to get their hands on it!”

Ora was first approached by Adidas, she says, during New York Fashion Week. Quickly after signing on to the collaboration, she traveled to the Addias headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, to meet with designers and take an in-depth look at fifty years’ worth of the label’s archives. She said of the design process: ‘Before I started, I wanted to meet the team that was going to do it with me. So I did a performance at their Christmas party and met everyone.

She continues, “I was there for four hours going through a mood board, seeing what they have, what they don’t have and bouncing back and forth with ideas. From there on, literally we’d meet every two weeks for a five-hour meeting.”

Miss Ora’s Black line will be the first to hit stores late this summer, with the Spray and Roses line going on sale on November 1.”

Rita is still reported to be the next face of Roberto Cavalli; however, it remains to be officially confirmed. Rita also currently has no comment on the rumor.


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