The WWE is loading up on the future of their Divas division and the newfound resurgence of popularity presently going on in both it’s main roster and new development league NXT. The WWE recently signed three new talents to development contract with opportunities to become official WWE Divas. One of the new signees is well-known fitness model Dasha Kuret (also known by Dasha Gonzalez). The Orlando, Florida-based beauty confirmed the signing last week via instagram, posting a photo of her workout tee announcing her “new job”. Kuret began training days after her newlywed honeymoon.

A brief history on Kuret, until her recent marriage, Dasha Gonzalez has a lengthy history of pageant, glamour, and fitness modeling. A former Miss University of Central Flordia, Miss Volusia, and current competitor in the fitness league, NPC. Kuret has been a popular resident fitness model and beauty queen since 2009 around the time she was crowned Miss UCF. Through her recognition in the fitness world caused the WWE to seek Kuret to join the Divas division. Her contract is a development contract to be determined rather Kuret will become a NXT Diva. Kuret joins current developmental roster of promising stars like Leyvonna Zakari, Dani Jackson, Lina Fanene, Lilian Garica, and Ashley Sebera.

NXT and the WWE Performance Center is a newly developed division of the franchise to groom the future superstars of the WWE. The Orlando performance center has already produced several new superstars (The Shield, Bo Dallas, Paige). The NXT is the minor league weekly showcase on the WWE Network for rising talent before making it to the main roster and becoming a Worldwide professional wrestling superstar. The WWE is very fond of the fitness bodybuilding industry and often contracts fitness bikini models as new talent.

The WWE is known for producing some great talent whom use to be highly-decorated fitness bikni models, for example, Trish Status, Živilė Raudonienė (Aksana), and Victoria Crawford (Alicia Fox). News of Kuret signing with the WWE broke via Squared Circle Sirens (see: Dasha Gonzalez signs with WWE). Kuret will be training to make her NXT debut currently at an unknown date. NXT’s current rosted included 13 active divas.

WWE’s developmental process is usually a two-year experience judging on the performance and progress of the individual(s). Divas have made speedy or spontaneous appeal like current WWE Diva Eva Marie, who was in development for literally two weeks and was quickly thrust into the limelight and became one of the biggest and most noticeable stars to date in the WWE. It is uncommon for Divas to continue to concurrently having a modeling career and training in the NXT.


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