San Bernandino, California fitness model Lisa Marie Varon has been reported to be in talks with her former employer professional wrestling entertainment brand WWE to be making a return to the business. A two-time Women’s Champion for the company, the 43 year-old Diva is looking to be returning to help whip in shape the brand’s fresh faces currently in the development league. Varon once spent 3 years in development before getting the call up to the main roster. In between that developmental stage, Lisa continued to compete in the competitive fitness modeling scene. During her run through the different fitness competition organizations, the Miss Galaxy competitor befriended fellow WWE Divas/Fitness Models Torrie Wilson and Trish Status.

Varon became a former fitness model in 2000 when she started her ten year run with the WWE under the name, “Victoria”. During her stint, Lisa was recognized as one of the best female talents to every step into the squared-circle. After departing the WWE, Lisa continued to perform under the name Victoria for various smaller wrestling brands.


While introduced to becoming a professional wrestler by fellow women’s fitness model and WWE Superstar Chyna in 97′. Varon spent majority of the late-90s on the Fitness Modeling circuit. Grabbing several trophies among top ranking mentions within the NPC and ESPN 2 Fitness America Series. Awarded her debut first place trophy in 1995 at the NPC Inland Empire. In 2012, Varon was inducted into the Tri-Fitness Women’s Hall of Fame.

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