Hours ago, a news report began popping up on major media networks involving popular celebrity/model photographer Terry Richardson in allegations of him seeking to exchange sex for placement in major publications. D1 Models Emma J Appleton published a picture of a facebook message from Richardson asking for sexual favors in exchange of shooting the model for Vogue. Appleton posted an image of her iphone front page with the message on the surface. Appleton was in shock of the request from the established photographer and once the picture tweet touched the net, media outlets posted a story instantly of the new sex allegation.

Emma J Appleton is a British fashion runway model known for shooting with several recognized photographers throughout London. Emma has been modeling for five years consecutively.

Richardson last shot for U.S. Vogue in July 2010; French Vogue used him as recently as February of this year. Vogue is regional publication distributed by publisher; Condé Nast.

Those unfamiliar with Terry Richardson, Richardson is a 48 year-old New York City legendary photographer who has shot literally the biggest faces on the planet. The most-sought after and highly-publicized photographers who has had in front of his lens Lady Gaga, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and many more. Richardson has shot campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Aldo, Supreme, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent among others. He has done work for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D, and Vice.

This is not the first time Richardson has been linked to similar allegations from other models in the recent past. In a post on Reddit in March (which has since been removed), former model Charlotte Waters described an interaction with Richardson that began as a typical fashion shoot, but allegedly quickly escalated into unwanted sexual advances and acts, which included Richardson asking that she perform oral sex on him.

The post was originally credited as anonymous; however, Waters quickly came forward as the source of the allegation. Models Liskula Cohen, and Rie Rasmussen told similar Richardson stories. Richardson has later claimed that all the allegations are acts of an “emotionally-charged witch hunt”. Richardson has continued to operate at the highest level of the fashion publication industry despite the detailed allegations. However, with Richardson continuing to make headlines, questions have arose about whether leading fashion magazines and brands will continue to work with a photographer who has been accused repeatedly of demanding sex from models.

A Vogue spokeswoman, Hildy Kuryk, said the publication is aware of Appleton’s post, but currently declined to immediately comment on the situation, or on whether the publication will continues to work with Richardson. About an hour later, Kuryk released another statement with Vogue’s decision to not work with Richardson on future Vogue projects.

“We have no plans to work with him in the future,” said the communications director for Vogue U.S., Hildy Kuryk.

Buzzfeed’s Chief Los Angeles Correspondent; Kate Aurthur covered the story and has updated the public that Richard’s rep deny the allegations and Appleton’s claim to be “fake”. In the tweets from Aurthur account below:

Since releasing the picture on twitter, Appleton has removed the tweet and photo from both her instagram and twitter; however, has spoke on the situation, stating the following:

“Beginning to wish I hadn’t posted that…it doesn’t matter who you are or the what the industry is, just be a decent human being…” -@emmajappleton

“The fact people think this is acceptable blows my fucking mind. See ya…” -@emmajappleton

Emma has deactivated her twitter since delivering these last two tweet, her instagram remains active. Models have began flooding Emma’s instagram account with praises for possible exposure of Richardson’s negative practice.

More as this story develops.


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