Established independent model Jessica Franco fulfills a career fantasy in the just released music video for recording artist Eddie Brock’s latest video, “Nowhere to Go”.

The Bakersfield-based glamour model stars in the horrifying music video as the luring leading lady that is soon revealed to be apart of a vampire cult. The Jason Mitchell and Rickey Bird-directed recreation of the cult classic horror film, “The Lost Boys”. Throughout the video, The 4’11” muse embarks on a sensual bath tube preparation scene, an enticing sun-rising beach, and thriller-themed eye catching bon fire scene. The Hispanic-descent vampiress doing her best to distract the male lead as he grows curious among the chaos. In conclusion, without speaking a single word, Franco devours not just the neck of her co-star but the infatuation of the viewers as well throughout the visual.

The production for the latest visual was a year in the making and Franco’s most notable work to-date. Jessica took to her Facebook to express the enjoyment being involved in the production with the following statement:

“…This was such an awesome project. I’ve always wanted to be a VAMPIRE. It’s unbelievable how people came together and built a crew to make this magic. Now I’ve made a lot of magic, but this is FIRE!!!”

Unaligned with an agency, the 29-year-old has established a popularity while based in Central California through various forms of modeling including: Implied, Glamour, Boudoir, and Cosplay. Collaborating with established local photographers and focusing her portfolio on Enchanted pictorials. “Nowhere to Go” is Franco’s debut music video.

Watch the complete video above.

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