There is a new promotional trailer bouncing around below the radar that is catching a lot of attention titled, Free Spirit and Vodka. The trailer is a promotional advertisement for up-and-coming recording artist Kyd Ayo. The reason behind the trailer catching so much attention is the NSFW-theme presented thanks to the ultra sexy female lead in the trailer that industry insiders have been trying to discover before anyone else. To see what all the fuss is about, find a private spot and hit play on the video above. Well after some digging, we at Model Fair have discovered who the promising vixen in the red-light special trailer really is.

Meet Ariana Martinez, a 19-year-old Spanish-descent undiscovered fresh face glamour model. Resident of Bakersfield, California, it appears that the model’s career is just planting roots as trailer is the aspiring’s debut opportunity. delivers a passionately red-hot simulation of a late-night rendezvous that not only earned the trailer it’s rated-r stamp but eagerly searching google to find out more on the model. 100% guarantee this will be the best one-minute and six seconds of your day right here. A natural for the camera. Martinez can easily be typed as a beauty and print model with her eye catching curvy frame, voluptuous lips, baby face headshot, and attractive straight jet black hair. While no know past experience of child modeling, the model’s first and only work credit is Free Spirit and Vodka. While only a novice, it’s clear to see, the aspiring model definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Surely a star is on the rise.

The trailer was shot and directed by go-to collaborator Ryanupe in Bakersfield, California’s popular luxury hotel, The Padre. 15-second clips of the trailer were released via social media a week ago, while the full trailer was uploaded to early this week.

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