Looks like Kim Kardashian has to make room for another glamour model in the emoji universe. Last Wednesday, Kardashian former-rival also former-Ford Models Amber Rose released her own personal brand of emojis known as ‘Muvamoji’ and grossed a whooping $4 million dollars in three-days. News spread like wildfire through media outlets on Friday, April 1st of Rose’s new app skyrocketing to number-one on iTunes and the bald blonde beauty garnering an estimated $4 million dollars.


TMZ broke the news on Friday of Rose grossing an astonishing $2 million dollars on the day the emojis released. The Muvamoji is the result of a partnering deal between Rose and emoji app developer Appmoji. The official Amber Rose emoji app, which costs $1.99 in the iTunes store, boasts over 900 emojis personally curated by the Ncredible managed model. Rose also signed a lucrative signing bonus of undisclosed amount with the developer on top of grossing $2 million dollars from sales on the App’s release day of Wednesday, March 30th.

See the complete 900 curated Muvamoji below.

#MuvaMoji is Out Now! Available in the App Store and Android ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://appsto.re/us/M4X1ab.i

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The former-Smirnoff spokesmodel’s triumph doesn’t come without negativity as social media has been very vocal with comparisons of Rose emoji resembling traits of Kim Kardashian. However, the 32-year-old has dismissed the comparisons and has told many sources that her emojis are Amber’s adamant there was no attempt to imitate or copy. She says the app perfectly reps her personality — from the big booties to the stripper pole. Kim Kardashian released her signature emoji app back in December known as ‘Kimoji’. Rose and Kardashian reportedly put their long-time feud to rest earlier this year with a breaking of the internet selfie (see: Rose and Kardashian Put Beef to Rest).

Feel free to review the comparisons below for your own opinion.

During an interview with US Weekly, Rose shut down all assumptions of ripping off Kardashian, quoted saying:

“I’ve been working on my emojis for six months now,” Rose noted. “This is not something just fun that I put out. I actually was a stripper. I really made my emojis like my life, and this is for my fans. My emojis aren’t for Kim fans. Kimoji is for that. I know about five rappers that have emojis and no one says anything about them all having emojis. They put me and Kim against each other and it’s just so stupid. I’m happy for Kim and her Kimoji (app) and I’m sure she’s happy for me and mine.”

In between her business endeavors and activism (recently on Nightline), the South Philly native has been off the modeling scene lately. Last seen in print inside Paper Magazine back in December 2015. Since being released from Ford Models 2010, Rose has graced the cover of nine publications. While not currently signed with modeling agency, Rose is represented by Nick Cannon’s Ncredible for management.

At press time, the MuvaMoji app was number-one in the App Store and boasted an average of 4.5 stars. Purchase your Muvamoji App here.


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