Unknown over night sensational Czech model Alexandra Brendlova is heavily trending these past few days. Brendlova is the first face of the world’s very first female vagina brewed beer, Order of Yoni. Brendlova has become just as much a topic of interest as the newly brewed beer itself that is also said to have the models vaginal flavor in the beer batter.

Order of Yoni is a beer is partially made from the essence of a woman’s vagina, or better known as vaginal lactic acid bacteria. When searching for a face of the brand, Order of Yoni defines the search for the perfect spokesmodel as kind of a female whose pheromones will stay with you after the meeting for the following week long.. That kind of a woman whose voice you wait expectantly to hear in your favourite piece of music, whose face you visualize every time you close your eyes. The woman whose silhouette you recognize in the outline of the clouds.

Order of Yoni executives said in an introduction statement.

“We have devoted much time to seek for such a woman, all the models had to undergo a very strict selection process. And, finally, after long months of search we have made it. We have found a woman that personifies feminity, natural charm and lure and who possesses all the desired instincts which we wanted to frame in our bottle of beer. ”

The Czech black haired beauty is a complete mystery. A fresh face with no known modeling background, no social media outlets, and no previous campaign experience reported. Brendlova’s debut on a global scale, unaligned with an agency at press time. Brendlova’s origin is also a mystery as well. Unknown background doesn’t matter to Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company, telling media outlets, “We were looking for an inspiration, a model who is both beautiful, charming girl and intelligent, eloquent woman… I really appreciate her way of speaking, and I find her body language, the way she walks, very sexual.”

See the complete ad campaign spread starring Brendlova below.





While not available in the U.S. yet, Order of Yoni is currently available in Europe. Order of Yoni is currently seeking financial assistances and setup a InieGoGo page to request donations. At press time, the InieGoGo campaign has risen only $279 out of $300,000 goal. If you decide to donate, Mann offers you to taste your own girlfriend only for €10,000. You’ll get a voucher for 60 bottles of beer produced on your girlfriend’s vaginal bacteria.

More on Alexandra Brendlova as stories develop.


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