2015 was a rough year for Wilhelmina model Iggy Azalea public image standpoint. Dealing with endless rumors (pregnancy), video of her cussing out paps in supermarket parking lots, and verbal dueling with almost every celebrity on the planet, from fellow peers Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, T.I., to pizza corporation Papa John’s. While her public relations took hits like a Mike Tyson punching bag, Azalea’s second year in modeling maintained a steady growth.

Minus the recorded outburst, the 25-year-old Australian glamour model stayed mum majority of 2015, ready to put the past to rest, Azalea finally address the sin of 2015 on her first cover shoot of 2016 with Elle Canada.

Azalea reunites with photographer Max Abadian whom also shot her for Seventeen magazine last year. The second time around, Azalea and Abadian get racy in multiple sexy cleavage revealing ensembles like one shot showing her slim physique in trench coat by Australian fashion brand, Acler that really caught. Iggy styled it with a Zana Bayne belt that featured an oversize eyelet detail with nothing underneath. Another shot includes her flaunting her curves in a black bodysuit with a third outfit change containing her wearing a strapless crop top and skirt with high slit.

Along with addressing her past mistakes, the former face of Levi also speaks on her plastic surgery background and online criticism. In her March Elle Canada cover story, Azalea, who has been open about her nose job and breast augmentation in the past, addresses the taboo of plastic surgery as a whole in today’s society, wishing it wouldn’t be such a secret anymore.

She may not have grown up in America but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t learned anything about the social climate since moving her 10 years ago — and it affects her too:

“The United States has such a fraught history with race, and I don’t think I realized how prevalent racism still is and how hurt people still are until I moved here and saw it for myself,” she said. “It’s not something you can understand when you’re on the other side of the world. But many people think I still live in that bubble and that I don’t understand that the United States is set up in a way that doesn’t benefit minorities. I’ve lived here for 10 years now, and I don’t want it to be that way either. I’m marrying a black man and my children will be half black — of course I care about these things.”

Throughout the interview, Azalea explains her return to social media but has some perspective on what went wrong — online and in real life:

“For me, what happened, not just on social media but with everything in my career, was like a whirlwind,” she said. “I started to feel like I was losing control over my own life…. It was really scary. I even think back to the Papa John’s incident and ask myself ‘Why did that piss you off so much?’ I see now that it spiraled into something so quickly because I felt like I didn’t have any power over my own life. At that point, I needed to take some time, step away and just get that control back.”

Courtesy of Elle Canada, check out the complete Max Abadian cover spread below:






Before the Elle Canada cover, the last time we saw the 2012 Wilhelmina-signee grace a cover was on the September-issue of Seventeen. Majority of Azalea’s modeling career involves cover editorials, in her four-year ongoing career, Azalea has 11 covers both stateside and international. In 2015, Azalea only appeared on two covers: Seventeen and May 2015 Marie Claire. Public issues aside, Azalea was still one of the most-sought after models this past year as she was the face of popular clothing brands Forever 21 (See: Azalea Debuts In First Nation Campaign) and Steve Madden (See: Azalea “Disgusted” by Steve Madden Campaign).

The April issue of Elle Canada is available on newsstands everywhere March 14th. Can’t wait til then? Read the complete cover editorial here.


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