Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Designer seeking runway models for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week show.

Desired Type: Runway, Pageant, Glamour, Catalog



[All ages] Designers and event coordinator Maribell Cabano and Franklin Myrtle are set to showcase new line during Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week and in need of male and female runway models to walk in the show. Looking for female models 5’8″ and above between a size 0 through 6. Must be bikini ready and be asked to bring a bikini and heels to walk in during casting call. All ethnicities accepted, runway experience is not required. Also search for male models 5’11” and above and be swimwear ready. Males will be asked to bring jeans and tank tops to walk in during casting call. All ethnicities are accepted and runway experience is a plus but not required. Models must be able to attend casting call on Tuesday, March 8th 2016 between 11am to 6pm inside Shade Post on 16 Northwest block of 1st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Models in the surrounding areas are accepted, must be able to make it to rehearsal and runway show. Selected models will receive compensation through exposure of social media and local media outlets. Selected models will also be apart of official Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week activities. Models must be appealing, reliable, cooperative, professional, and confident. Interested models, be sure to submit portfolio or 5 full body professional photos with subject title, “Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week/Shade Post Casting” with the following information to the email address below:

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*Always make sure to mention in the subject title you are an exclusive Model Fair member for a fast pass view during casting process and other special treatment. Warning: Casting Directors will contact us to follow up on your membership, if you falsify membership, you will be excluded/dismiss from casting among other consequences.

Submission Deadline: March 8th, 2016

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