While popular glamour model Amber Rose has been recently breaking the internet with her now infamous selfie alongside former-arch rival Kim Kardashian (See: Rose & Kardashian Put Rivalry To Rest).

Prior to what many label as the “Biggest shock of 2016”, Amber Rose was making rounds on media outlets to promote her social awareness for her involvement in new protest campaign known as Slut Walk. Rose has already discussed her involvement in the protest with GQ and Los Angeles’s Real 92.3 and continuing to discuss the cause with the masses, Rose sat down with new TV host and former-model Tyrese Gibson on his Own’s new talk show, It’s Not You, It’s Men. Last Saturday, Rose and Gibson debated on the whether a woman brings unwanted attention upon herself by the way she dresses or behaves. Amber Rose goes on to explain why she organized her own SlutWalk in Los Angeles. In the clip above, the conversation turns candid as Rose reveals her personal experience with being sexually assaulted; however, the conversation also quickly charges with Gibson and co-host Rev. Run contradicting Rose statements with fictional scenarios.

The conversation elevates once Rose is challenged by the former Guess & Tommy Hilfiger model host suggesting that the energy you put out is the result of the negativity one receives. In the clip below, Rose disagrees and explains that no matter what no mean no and women shouldn’t have to alter their presence for anybody:

The 32-year-old model-turned-activist first got involved with the nationwide protest known as “Slut-Shaming” in 2015 after reading about a 2011 incident on a Toronto college campus that involved Police telling the victims that they were sexually assaulted because they provoked it by the way they dress. Rose helped bring more limelight to the protest with a hilarious promotional sketch directed by Funny or Die titled, “Walk of No Shame”. Shot in Los Angeles back in Summer 2015, the viral video helped promote Amber Rose’s later rally event known as Slut Walk, which also took place Los Angeles, California back in October.

While Rose activist acts have ignited or models to promote and protest “Slut-Shaming”. Several days ago, DNA Model Emily Ratajkowski released an open letter titled, “Baby Woman”, expressing her personal experiences with being slut-shamed as a teen (See: Ratajkowski Letter to Lenny). As the protest continues to gain more national view, more and more models are endorsing the cause like Rose and testifying they’re personal experience with the form of bullying. Now an activist, Rose still continues to maintain a steady modeling resume. GQ recently featured Rose between the iconic publication’s pages back in October (See: Rose Bares All This November).

Since being released from Ford Models after one-year under the agencies umbrella, Rose modeling career has been most recognized for her nationwide campaign with vodka brand Smirnoff. Her latest work was back in February 2015 walking in Laurel DeWitt show during New York Fashion Week. Rose was discovered in 2008 after posing next to at the time boyfriend Kanye West in a Louis Vuitton print campaign.

Tyrese Gibson and Rev.Run’s It’s Not You, It’s Men comes on every Saturday night on the Oprah Winfrey-owned network Own. Check your local listings for times.


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