With the release of his highly-anticipated new album, Royalty, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Chris Brown rolls out a three-part promotional visual presentation directed by himself and cast Hispanic model Sulem Calderon as lead. In the two’s debut collaboration, the 25-year-old glamour model stars as Brown’s on-and-off girlfriend, also named Sulem, as the two go through several blue valentine similar turning points of a modern love story. Shot on location throughout Los Angeles, California. We first see Sulem in the hot and heavy visual title, “Back to Sleep”. Calderon strolls throughout the penthouse uprise wearing a seductive black lingerie and matching heels as she and Brown share an intimate moment on the counter top, couch, and shower. Brown may provide the melody; however, it’s his scene stealing co-star that delivers the intensity, sex appeal, and irresistibly gorgeous 34-26-35 frame. Getting a very candid view of Calderon first, “Back to Sleep” quickly follows into her in consecutive second act, “Anyway” (Brown’s “Wrist” video follows directly after “Back to Sleep”) where we see a more versatile Sulem Calderon.

Also directed by Chris Brown with the credited involvement of fellow Riveting Entertainment directors Andrew Listermann, Andrew Sandler, and Mike G, “Anyway” starts off with a frustrated Calderon in bed alone after being once again abandon by the male lead. Focusing solely on Calderon, the visual presentation follows a brand new Sulem as she looks for self cleansing within herself through yoga as a method attempt to move on from her love for Brown. Deciding to take a stranger up on his offer for dinner, Calderon stuns in another classy black dress; however, is stood up and instead dons a third all black ensemble and meets up with friends at a club routinely around the corner. Like clock work, Calderon and Brown reconcile and exit the club not before an altercation ensues between the stranger and Brown with Calderon caught in the middle.

Calderon is currently represented by Los Angeles-based Osbrink modeling agency and Miami’s Caroline Gleason. Prior to Osbrink/CGM, Calderon was signed to Nu Talent agency in Los Angeles and Brand Model Management in Santa Ana, California. Discovered in Los Angeles as a teen by talent scouts, Calderon’s credits include print work with Target, Puma, and Virgin Mobile. As a muse, Sulem has been featured several make-up presentation including Allure. Calderon most recent credits are Fandango and clothing brand Shopping Bare, both found by Osbrink. Calderon just wrapped up two-weeks of work in Miami on the 20th while the three-part RCA promotion roll out.

Released last Monday, December 14th, “Back to Sleep” has already gathered over one-million views via YouTube while “Anyway”, released last Wednesday, December 16th has also gathered a million plus views on Vevo. Calderon makes a very brief cameo in Chris’s third visual release, “Picture Me Rollin” to help conclude the two-day love story as she exits stage left from Brown’s vehicle.

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