During a recent 2016 calendar photoshoot for affordable luxury pillow brand Smile Pillows, fitness models Tamra Dae (Formerly Tamra D) and Melody Rae Kandil, professionally known as, Melody Rae decided to challenge each other to a very sexy game of 1 on 1 basketball. What makes the game so must-see is the wardrobe selection between the two models of sneakers, bra and undies. Shown above, Tamra and Melody show off their impressive shooting skills and ball handling skills with an unknown winner in this less than a minute footage.

Shot originally mid-December by popular fitness photographer Tai Lopez and LiveRich Media production on location in Los Angeles. The calendar shoot was for the month of March. Before the video went viral, previews of the behind-the-scene fun surfaced on both models instagram posts you can see below.

A little bonus #BTS of @msmelodyrae and @tamradae – help us get to 20k followers and we will post something exclusive from the calendar. Tag everyone! #smilepillows

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@msmelodyrae showing skills from the #smilepillows shoot – tag a friend who can take her one on one

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When you get to mix two of your favorite things in this world #hoops2heels #model #baller #ballin #ballislife #bts #justwait #fire #comingsoon #gamechangin #snap #facts @liverichmedia @jey_mua @smilepillows

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I had such an amazing time with this beautiful woman yesterday @tamradae soo happy we met and our competitive spirits are exactly the same this girls BODY is you be killin em!!! Photoshoot with the amazing @liverichmedia #ballin #justwait #dontbelievemejustwatch #ballislife #soccer #basketball #competitive #photoshoot #body #fit #fitness #fitnessaddict #weights #amen

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Tamra Dae and Melody Rae are the newest additions to the LiveRich media roster, both began working with the company only several months ago. This is the first collaboration between Dae and Rae but not the first time the 26-year-old Tamra has starred in a LiveRich media production. She recently co-starred alongside Kat Pasion, Charm Killings for designer dress brand Ella Lisque campaign.

Melody Rae, also former U of Tennessee basketball player, told TMZ Sports in a recent interview, she hopes that her viral sensations brings awareness to professional female basketball. Telling TMZ, “I’m all about empowering women …and if wearing sexy attire helps to promote the game in any way I’m all for it.”

While Melody is currently represented by Vision Los Angeles with no history of signing with a previous agency. Tamra Dae is currently unsigned with an agency but has previous ties with Seven Talent Agency, an agency she was aligned with several years ago but has since cut ties and become an independent contract. In 2015, Tamra has shot with Ohrangutang, J Rivera, and Zavier Deangelo.

Prior to working with LiveRich, Melody Rae’s most notable work in 2015 was with Guess. Melody’s latest work was the Smile Pillows 2016 calendar. The Smile Pillows 2016 calendar is out now here.

Released December 17th, the Smile Pillows ad already accumulated a half-million views on YouTube and received national publicity on TMZ by Gilbert Arenas.


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