Sporty, stripy and fun is what descibe’s DKNY’s Spring Campaign ad and with supermodel Cara Delevingne in the mix, this was bound to be a hit. The ad also features fashions most talked about models at the moment: Binx Walton, Xiao Wen Ju, and Sam Rollinson. The ad, shot under Williamsburg  bridge, features the models in cute pigtails braids, broad colorful stripes, and platform sneakers, that are reminiscent of a time of child-like fun. 


And the trend of casting models with the highest Instagram followers continues as Donna Karen targets a younger demographic featuring fashion’s latest IT Girls sporting the best eyebrows. Delevingne continues to take the industry by storm also starring in DKNY’s men’s campaign, for the second year in a row.



There is no such thing as limits when it comes to Delevingne. The supermodel rocks as much as a boy as she does as a girl. Spring 2015 definitely has some of the most anticipated campaigns featuring top models and celebrities.


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