With America becoming more infatuated with fitness, throughout 2014, fitness modeling came to the forefront and transformed the genre into a global phenomenon. Through the support of social media, plenty of rising fitness models have gathered a large quantity of followers which transfered into successful sponsorship deals. One of the most recognized new faces of the trend is Miami’s Tamra D.

Shot on location in Miami, Florida. Tamra collaborates with most-sought after Nicholas Ramirez (The Weeknd) for her latest pictorial. Continuing to build on the current popularity, Tamra heats up the cold fronts with this streamy bedroom conceptual photoshoot donning a ultra sexy physique and seductive matching lingerie set. While Ramirez helmed the directorial duties, C89 Productions handled the behind the scenes footage and accumulated this appetizer as we await the full-length final version of the Ramirez masterpiece. Hit the play below to view the preview of Tamra and Nick’s debut collaboration.

This is becoming an ongoing collaboration among Tamra and C89, the two have produced multiple visual presentations with a handle full of various photographers throughout the year. Tamra is currently unsigned with an agency and was previously aligned with Seven Talent Agency. Tamra’s most recent work includes appearing and providing fitness tips inside Men’s publications Kaboom! Magazine and Mixed Magazine.


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