Miami has pumped out countless legendary supermodels almost since the beginning of modeling. Til this day, South Beach continues to be at the forefront of producing plenty of both independent and agency created future legends. Miami has been catching a lot of attention lately over a new beach shoot with up and coming swimwear model Perla Valenzuela. The Dominican Miami native linked with Ason Productions and 2020 Photography for what many are describing as currently “the sexiest beach shoot of the year.”

Shot in a secluded location on Miami Beach, fans get an intimate look at Perla as she poses in and out the water. Perla showcase her look that many are previewing as the new face of Miami. Still early in her modeling career, Perla collaboration with 2020 and Ason looks to be a chemistry built for success.

Looking into Perla Valenzuela, Perla has been bubbling on the Miami modeling scene and been quietly climbing up the popularity. Her resume includes looks of validation from familiar outlets like Worldstar, Dynasty Series, and La Mezcla. Her latest shoot has gathered some serious attention from several Men’s publications. Perla is currently ranked number 36 in the annual Kaboom! Magazine Hot 100 2014 list.

The 21 year-old is currently unsigned with an agency for professional representation.


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