Today’s designers and brands have access to an unlimited amount of resources. Technologies as simple as the internet have provided new age brands with opportunities to market, source, and sell (all in one). With the supply chain at their fingertips designers are now in a position where creativity nearly comes secondary to business. We’ve come up with 10 Designers and Brands that are worth keeping an eye on this season. We’re happy to recognize these companies based on their design esthetic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Brands Designers to Watch

1. Alex Blas – New Age Iconic

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Alex Blas is an artist turned designer who handcrafts his dresses with premium fabrics.

2. Hotel 1171 – Diverse & Classic


Hotel 1171 recently opened their flagship store in Downtown Los Angeles @ 645 S. Main St 90014

3. Korovilas – Impeccably Crafted


4. Again Apparel – Distinct & Modern


Again Apparel is made in Los Angeles.

5. Zalez Studio – Creative & Futuristic


Zalez Studio recently opened their flagship store in Downtown Los Angeles @ 111 W. 7th St 90014

6. Rik Villa – Cutting Edge yet Original

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.47.54 AM

Rik Villa has been worn by celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Brook Candy, and Jesse Rutherford.

7. Sarine Marie – Contemporary & Tailored

8. Lolly Clothing – Sophisticated and Chic

9. Erica Ray LA – Casual & Comfortable

Erica Ray Spring 14

Erica Ray is made in the USA, their top are perfect your everyday look.

10. The Continuous Line – Sexy Streetwear


Continuous has mastered a crossover “where the Beach meets the Streets.”


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