Portugese stud, Armando Cabral will be featured in the upcoming editorial of GQ Australia’s August issue titled, “After Hours.” Photographed by Billy Kidd, Cabral looks clean-cut sporting laid-back suits going off of a blue color theme accented with floral prints and white button downs — perfect attire as we approach the cooler months.

It is obvious this isn’t Cabral’s first time modeling. After being urged by his sister to try out modeling, Cabral decided to go visit with an agency in 2001 and he was signed on the spot. After visiting New York he was able to add IMG to one of his represented agencies in 2006. Since then, Cabral was able to land spots in shows from Dior Homme, louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors and more. Cabral has also appeared in editorials and ads for J. Crew, Bergdorf Goodman, Esquire, Lacoste, Target and more. He is professionally represented by Wilhelmina.

Another key element that plays an important role in Cabral’s life is how he was able to use his experience in the fashion industry to fulfill his lifelong dream of designing his own luxury footwear line. Launching in 2009, Cabral was able to design his own Italian-made shoe-line that is chic yet comfortable and casual. It goes without saying that we will be seeing more of Cabral’s unique look.

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Armando-Cabral-by-Billy-Kidd-For-GQ-Australia-August-2014-DerriusPierreCom-6 Armando-Cabral-by-Billy-Kidd-For-GQ-Australia-August-2014-DerriusPierreCom-8


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