With the World Cup 2014 race currently underway, FIFA announces that the championship trophy will be handed to the championship team by currently recognized highest-earning supermodel, Brazil’s Gisele Bundchen. Hand-selected by the international governing body of association football, Bundchen (33) fills in for Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff as the official presenter. Bundchen is Brazil’s most famous supermodel and FIFA felt she would be a more accepted presenter than Rousseff who was recently involved in public backlash by locals for government’s expenditure of $11 billion in public funds to finance the event. While the trophy is usually handed to the championship team by head of state of World Cup hosting country. FIFA enlist Bundchen to stir clear of controversy and bad press and continue on with official traditional rules. Bundchen will be presenting the official trophy at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Much like the rest of the globe, Gisele has been a huge supporter of the popular World Cup 2014. Been very visual about her support for her home team; Brazil via her social networks with posts of showcasing her country’s colors on sports-related product. It appears Gisele has been replacing more than just her country’s president lately as a face, Bundchen recently being announced to have replaced supermodel Kate Moss as the new face of popular shoe label; Stuart Weitzman. Bundchen is currently represented by IMG Models and currently on the cover of the latest Elle Canada.


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