Esquire Malaysia celebrated a month of double in April and decided to close out the month with a bang in an exclusive interview from a sexy duo of identical twins beauties from the City of Angels known as The Page Twins. The sisters have arrived at the peak of their modeling career and popularity at the prime age of 24 year-old and Esquire arranges amazing shoot and Q and A with the fashion twins models. During the Carter Jung shoot, the twins speak on wide-variety of different topics that will surely gather more interest to the two with the general public. Pranking people, being telepathic, future in modeling, and being inseparable. Check out the final cuts from the shoot below:






Catherine and Noel gathered popularity over the years through featured presence in rising recording artists visual projects (Billionaire Buck). The duo later graduated from music videos into more print work, eventually gaining covers of surrounding Los Agneles publications like Alwayz Therro. The twins have recently worked with famed photographer Nick Saglimbeni of Slick Force (The Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall Jenner) and also shot with Shannon Jankula for the debut issue of Prototype magazine.

To date, The Page Twins are not affiliated with an agency representation.

Check out the complete interview with Esquire Malaysia below:

ESQUIRE: Right from when you were born, you’ve been in the spotlight. How has that affected you growing up?

CATHERINE PAGE: It kept me motivated. My family and friends are always asking me what new projects I’m involved in, and this has always motivated me not only to succeed for myself but also to succeed for others. I’m glad I always have something new to tell them. NOEL PAGE: It made me a confident person. Having so much attention my whole life makes me know that people are watching, so I always have to be cognizant of my surroundings, remember to work hard, and set a positive example.

ESQ: What’s one of the earliest times you can remember of people lavishing attention on you because of you and your identical sister (and also as triplets)?

NOEL PAGE: We were about six and we were at a sea lion show in Seaworld. One of the trainers chose us three to help with a trick, making the sea lions bark to the tempo of a song by pointing at them. The trainer was so impressed that we were dubbed “The Amazing Page Trio”. They even asked us to help with the next three shows of the day. Plus, everyone in the crowd wanted our autographs, and Seaworld gave our family free passes for a year. It was great.

ESQ: How similar—and different—are you to your brother Carlton?

CP: Carlton and I seem to look more alike than Carlton and Noel. When Noel is not with Carlton and me, people always ask Carlton and me if we’re twins. We think this is hilarious because we don’t feel as if we look alike at all. Also, Carlton and I have terrible vision, but Noel has 20/20 vision. On the other hand, Carlton is into video games but I’m the bookworm wondering why he’s spending so much time playing games rather than doing his homework. Of course, he and Noel forced me to enjoy video games with them, so I ended up not doing my homework too.

ESQ: Besides the triplets thing, you grew up in a family of seven. That must’ve been very challenging for your parents! What were some of the important things your parents imparted on you?

NP: Our mum gave us all different names and not the cliché, cheesy, rhyming names, so we would remember to be individuals always, even though we were born together. It made each of us strong decision makers, because we have different viewpoints and we challenge each other. We were taught to formulate our own thoughts and opinions.

ESQ: What’s your favourite thing about your sister?

CP: Her ability to remain level-headed and calm even when times are hectic. She has no worries, or if she does, she never lets them show. She seems ready to take on any obstacle life puts in her way. It takes a very special person to do that, and I admire that very much.

ESQ: And what’s the most annoying thing about your sister?

NP: Her habit of constantly worrying. I’m the carefree, easy-breezy twin, but she’s the risk assessor. Her mind is forever over-calculating. I wish she would change this even for just one day, and learn to go with the flow.

ESQ: What inspired you and your sister’s decision to pursue a career in showbiz?

CP: We’re sisters, best friends for life, and business partners. We always consult each other before making any decisions that will affect the both of us. We’ve been approached all our lives about doing projects in the entertainment industry, but at the same time, our parents encouraged us to attend school. We attended our dream college, which we worked very hard to get accepted to, so our dreams of modelling and acting were set aside. After we graduated, we had a mentor who encouraged us to pursue our dreams of being in the entertainment industry. He felt that, if we never even tried to pursue these dreams, we would regret it later on. Nobody wants to live a life full of regrets, so this is our chance and we’re taking it!

ESQ: Now, you’re one-half of “The Page Twins”. Is this a good thing or bad?

NP: Absolutely a good thing. Being two actually attractive twins has so many fun perks. We get so many fan freebies—free trips, free dinners, frees clothes. I’ve seen other twins in this industry and, let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than this. We’re the full package—gorgeous and educated. I’m very proud to be one of The Page Twins.

ESQ: After your time in showbiz is up, will the two of you pursue your careers separately?

CP: After showbiz, she wants to pursue a career in the banking industry, while I wish to pursue a career in entertainment law. But I’m sure we’ll still find a way to intertwine the two fields and refer clients to each other.

ESQ: Is it fair to say that you’re inseparable from your sister?

CP: Yes, Noel and I are inseparable. In fact, if we didn’t have separate jobs, we wouldn’t mind being together all day, 24/7. But we do occasionally have our “twin fights”. They’re never physical, but more over things like who is wearing whose skirt or who is using whose lipstick.

NP: Yeah, we’re so annoyingly inseparable! I don’t even know how we’ll allow each other to get married. We have a crazy screening process before we allow a guy to date one of us. We always do group dates for the first date, and we intentionally torture a guy to make sure he can even handle a girlfriend with a twin sister. Trust me—it takes a very special guy!

ESQ: So you and your sister have that so-called “telepathic connection”?

CP: There are some twins who can’t stand being together, which means they’re not in sync as much. But Noel and I are always together, so we’re in tune with each other. We know when the other twin is crying, even when we’re separated for a couple of days, or if she is at one end of the country and I’m at the other end. Once, I knew she had been crying, so I called her at exactly that moment to ask her about it. We also complete each other sentences and say things exactly at the same time. And we even walk out the house with exactly the same outfit, without planning it.

ESQ: Finally, do you and your sister play pranks using your identical looks?

NP: We absolutely love playing pranks! That’s the best part about being identical. One of the best we did was switching multiple classes for three months in high school. I’m really receptive to languages, so I took French for Cat; she’s really good with numbers, so she took Algebra for me. Everything was going really good until someone tattled. Luckily, we both had really nice teachers who let us keep the A grades. We did have about a thousand hours of detention, but it was well worth it. One more prank that’s kind of a secret is my driver’s license: it’s been suspended for about three, but I’m too cheap to pay the USD800 fee, so I’ve been using Cat’s license this whole time. Shhh!


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