Australian beauty Iggy Azalea is set to become an icon in the modeling world and is very proud to voice her claim for coming at the throne as a trendsetter. Fashion and Styles columnist for the New York Times, Bebe Shaprio recently released a new feature piece on the 23 year-old for the legendary publication. Throughout the feature, Azalea comments on her plans to rise to the top in the fashion industry, stating various comments:

“I want to look like the girls the designers envisioned in their campaigns,” the Wilhelmina Model talent said.

Magazines like Bazaar and Vogue has already dubbed her as a top ten star to watch for this year on the fashion scene because of her captivating outfits, especially after her appearance during Fashion Week’s Chloe Show.

“I know how to play the game and get what I want,” she said. “Do you think what I wore to the Chloé show would really be something that I would wear? No. I picked the outfit out myself, because I know it’s appropriate and I know how to pander. I know what Chloé looks like, and being that I want to appease Chloé, because I would like some Chloé, I’m going to do my best job to be Chloé.”

Iggy also mentions her new boyfriend’s (L.A. Laker Nick Young) impressive knowledge in style and how it has also strengthen their relationship. The two met via social media

Iggy has been signed with Wilhemina since 2012 and under their agency has starred in several campaigns including Levi and House of Holland. Feel free to read the complete original Times article after clicking right here.


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